Basic Trace

Our basic trace is a good solution for times when a client needs a little more information than our electronic trace offers. Utilising data provided via the major credit reference agencies, dataTrace UK will dig a little deeper into the information provided, with two separate types of validation to confirm information. Successful basic trace reports will confirm a subject at either a new address or still as stated at the address initially supplied to achieve the level of detail that our clients require. This type of trace service can take up to 30 days. For a fast-track turnaround, we can return reports within 2 working days. This service is on a no confirmation, no fee basis and can be taken as a one-off or volume.

Our searches are compliant with ICO, Treating Customers Fairly and GDPR legislations

Gathering from multiple data sources gives greater accuracy

Fast-track available, as well as standard turnaround

dataTrace UK was founded in 1991 and provides comprehensive tracing and information services. In early 2022, dataTrace UK joined Broadriver Group, encompassing Controlaccount, identeco Business Support Toolkit, Sinclair Taylor, and identecoHR.


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