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Terms & Conditions

The client agrees that these terms and conditions as set out herein will apply to the client for using the services of dataTrace uk and that additional instructions referred to dataTrace uk will also be subject to these terms and conditions unless an alternative written agreement is in force.

The Service - dataTrace uk:

a. Will determine the most suitable method for a successful outcome.

b. Reserves the right to refuse or to terminate any action at any time, and with no liability to itself.

c. Is employed as the client's agent working on behalf of the client.

d. The signatory or person or organisation that submits any instruction or any other request for services declare that they have proper authority to do so and will be liable for any fee or other as a result of that submission.

e. Documents passed to dataTrace uk are agreed to be transported at the sender's own risk. dataTrace uk will not accept responsibility for any documents or other in any way whatsoever received from any source. dataTrace uk reserves the right to securely dispose of any documents still in its possession six months from the date of receipt.


dataTrace uk reserves the right to alter, cancel, reject, and withdraw any of its services or terms at any time without penalty or compensation and without explanation.


The terms of the agreement between the client and dataTrace uk shall be kept strictly confidential at all times. Details of individuals and cases will be kept confidential at all times and will be subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

About Us

dataTrace uk was founded in 1991 and provides comprehensive tracing and information services. In early 2022, dataTrace uk joined The Broadriver Group, encompassing Controlaccount, identeco Business Support Toolkit, Sinclair Taylor, and identecoHR.


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