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Residency Checks

One of our most popular services is our residency checking service which enables clients to identify cases where a named subject is, or isn't a resident at a given address within the UK. This service uses open credit information, voters roll and telephonics, combined with dataTrace uk proprietorial algorithms. The benefits of this are to:

  • Reduce unnecessary postage costs
  • Reduce unnecessary enforcement/collection agent visits
  • Use as a pre-trace process to avoid the cost of "living as stated" cases
  • Enable better targeting of accounts.
  • Enable more efficient use of resources and provide cost savings

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About Us

dataTrace uk was founded in 1991 and provides comprehensive tracing and information services. In early 2022, dataTrace uk joined The Broadriver Group, encompassing Controlaccount, identeco Business Support Toolkit, Sinclair Taylor, and identecoHR.


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