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How our trace services can improve recovery rates of unpaid PCNs

Wednesday, 21st February 2024 09:58

What happens when your internal credit control team chase a parking penalty notice (PCN) or parking penalty charge, but settlement isn’t forthcoming? Or perhaps the penalty notice or reminder letter is returned, with the dreaded ‘not at this address’ scribbled on the front of the envelope. 

It’s usually not that you are being ignored (although we do appreciate that is sometimes the case). In our experience, we often find that a registered keeper has moved house and has not updated their details with the DVLA, so any reminder letters to pay the owed amounts fail to land on the correct doormats. In instances like this, car parking firms may look to either outsource the debt to a debt recovery firm or solicitor, or in some cases, they just write the debt off.  

Have you considered how a trace agency might improve your internal collections processes and outcomes by reconnecting you with registered drivers? The first part of any debt collection process is to run a trace to confirm the correct address of the driver before moving the case to the active collections.

Here at dataTrace UK, we’ll use the same process for confirming a forwarding address, but rather than continue with collection, we’ll return the file to your credit control so they can attempt recovery again – omitting debt collection commissions. We have a range of services that will put you back in touch with registered keepers, resulting in less cases referred to debt collection agencies or written off. We will provide you with new forwarding address and the cases can go back into your reminder or dunning processes. And better still, you will only be charged on positive results.

We work with a number of car parking providers and advise on best processes to suit their organisation. As well as number of trace services, we can append information such as date of birth, telephone or email to improve processes.

We have an impressive success rate, and all trace can be turned around quickly – meaning no delays in your credit control functions.  dataTrace adheres to all compliance requirements such as GDPR and Treating Customer Fairly, and we are members of the Credit Services Association.

If you would like to hear more about our services and how we can help improve cashflow in your business, drop us an email or call 01527 386 626.

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