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International tracing

Thursday, 17th August 2023 10:58

Do you need to trace a person or business owner overseas? Locating persons abroad can be notoriously frustrating, time-consuming, and costly.

And if an individual or business is undertaking the process themselves, it could take weeks or even months of investigation before a reliable address is found, and often the outcome will not be positive.  This is where using the services of a specialist tracing firm can prove essential. 

There are many reasons that constitute the need for international tracing. Finding people overseas can be vitally important for many things, both personal and professional. Our clients have used international tracing for:

  • Finding long lost relatives
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Tracing ex-partners to complete a divorce
  • Tracing people who owe money and have moved abroad
  • Selling property with two names on the deed
  • Locating international colleagues and clients
  • Finding international overseas shareholders of a company

Trying to find someone overseas can be more difficult as there are many factors to consider. The processes and legalities may be a bit different from normal, let alone potential language barriers. It also depends on if the person has always lived in the country or if they have just recently moved there. At dataTrace UK, we have a great deal of experience of tracing people internationally.

Our international trace service will reconnect our clients with gone-away customers or individuals, quickly and compliantly. We can help trace people like family members, long lost relatives and friends. Or it may be a witness or debtor you are trying to trace. We also work with companies who need to find international shareholders who are overseas, or who require international searches for commercial reasons. We have conducted successful searches across the globe, and always ensure we operate according to laws in any country.

Our international trace service is an extensive trace which will often originate with checks to establish a subject leaving the UK, and then move on to attempts to locate the subject in another country. Successful reports will confirm a forwarding address or living as stated information. All enquiries are conducted on a no-confirmation, no-fee basis, with results returned within 30 days.

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